Terms of Listing

Southern Information Services is having advertising facility in both book directory and our official website for those who interested to advertise with us. We are providing advertising solutions under some terms and conditions listed here which understand you terms of our advertising service.

  • All advertisements are accepted subject to approval. The advertisement is inserted in the ensuing directory issue. The charge for each advertising item specified therein are exclusive of all applicable taxes, levies, cess and dues, central state or local, which shall be paid by the applicant wherever and whenever payable.
  • The rates/ amounts/ charges mentioned overleaf is applicable for one forthcoming issue only Southern Information Services shall have the right to change the scale of advertising rates/ amounts/ charges for the subsequent issues.
  • The applicant firmly agrees to pay the amount due upon a demand being made by Southern Information Services and without any delay. If the applicant does not pay any charges to Southern Information Services which is due, within seven days of the demand having been made by Southern Information Services at the address of the applicant given overleaf without prejudice by Southern Information Services other rights, the amount then already paid by the applicant shall stand forfeited and Southern Information Services shall have no obligation whatsoever either to publish any advertisement or otherwise.
  • Southern Information Services shall have at its discretion the right to change the position of any advertisement accepted for insertion. Southern Information Services does not guarantee any particular position or place in the directory for the display of the advertisement. Southern Information Services reserves the right at all times to reject or discontinue advertising matter.
  • While Southern Information Services will take every precaution to prevent error or omission in the direction, Southern Information Services will not be responsible for any error in the insertion of, or omission to insert, any advertisement, or for any damage or loss of any blocks; drawing art works or other materials supplied for the purpose of an advertisement.
  • Southern Information Services reserves the right to change in directory headings and classify the advertisement under another appropriate heading which in its sole judgment will serve the purpose of the directory.
  • The claim for damages against Southern Information Services if any, shall no case exceed the amount paid by the applicant.
  • Circulations of copies: One copy to our customer, for two or more copies contact our manager – Circulation (only for print media customers)
  • The advertiser/ applicant, which expressions include any advertising agency involved in placing the advertising warrants that publication of the advertisement may be effected in accordance with the advertiser’s instructions, without committing any offence or tort and in the event of any claim against Southern Information Services arising from the publication of the advertisement, the applicant will indemnify Southern Information Services so far as the law shall allow for any costs, damages or other charges falling Southern Information Services as a result of such claim.
  • No proof will be shown. Art work will not be returned. Tilting of copy matter is allowed to a maximum of 45%. Measurements given are printing areas including the border.
  • All disputes/ claims in the regard shall be settled subject to Visakhapatnam Jurisdiction only.
    Southern Information Services had the right to cancel or charge interest @ 18% per annum from the second day of the day of booking, if the applicant (s) fail to pay the total payable amount for advertisement (s) booked overleaf in the stipulated time.
  • All payments are to be made by crossed Cheque/ Demand Draft (D.D)/ Money Order in the name of Southern Information Services, payable at Visakhapatnam. No outstation cheques will be accepted. Southern Information Services shall not be responsible for any cash payments made without proper receipt.
  • I/ We under take to deliver the required print material, i.e. phot ready art work (colour separated progressive proofs in case of colour display ads) as per the size booked by the company within 15 days from the date of this order or as desired by the company.
  • Order once booked cannot be cancelled under any circumstances.
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